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Here is the My Pet Baby Chimpanzee knitting pattern. This adorable baby chimp is worked flat mainly on 3 mm needles using any eyelash yarn of your choice. Baby stands at 13 inches high (33 cm) when made up. This knitting pattern can be bought here as an immediate pdf download.


Let me introduce you to Chesney Chimpanzee. He is worked flat using my Superfast technique which is four times faster than ordinary knitting. Chesney stands at 70 cm high yet is really quick to make because he is mostly knit on 8 mm needles. This knitting pattern is sold as an immediate pdf download.


This is my cheap nba jerseys Chester the Chimpanzee toy knitting pattern.Chester Chimpanzee is quick and easy to make can be knitted in any dk yarn Beanie of your choice on 3 GNOME mm needles.Chester is 35 cm high when made up and the knitting pattern provides full wholesale nba jerseys instructions for him to be transportteknik made with moving cheap jerseys from China head arms and legs as shown here or as a slightly simpler non-jointed version. This pattern FRIDAY-FOOD-FRENZY is wholesale jerseys available here as an immediate pdf download.