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Prima Primate Ballerina Toy Monkey

This is my Prima Primate Ballerina toy monkey knitting pattern. As you can see she’s not quite ready for the lead in Swan Lake but practice makes perfect! The knitting pattern contains full instructions to make this monkey and her ballet outfit with lots of photos to help you along the way.Prima stands at 14 inches high. You can buy this knitting pattern here as an immediate pdf download.


This is my Cilla the Ugly Baby Gorilla knitting pattern.Cilla is worked mainly using the Superfast technique which is four times faster than normal dk knitting because three strands of dk are used together on 8 mm needles. The knitting pattern also includes the nappy (diaper) and slouch beanie hat. Cilla is 44 cm long and is approximately the same size as a newborn human baby. You can buy this knitting pattern as an immediate pdf download.