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This is my knitting pattern for Fizz and Fuzz the baby orangutan identical twins. Although these baby orangutans are impossible to tell apart their knitting patterns are surprisingly each quite different. Fizz stands at 50 cm high and Fuzz is 80 cm high. Both Fizz and Fuzz are worked flat mainly using my Superfast technique on 8 mm needles which is 4 times faster than ordinary knitting and are so quick and simple to make that they only take a couple of days to complete. The pattern provides full instructions to make jointed versions as can be seen here or slightly simpler non- jointed versions. They are both worked in Ice Eyelash which is cheap and available to buy on line. This knitting pattern is available as an immediate pdf download.

Oscar the Baby Orangutan

Here is my Oscar the Baby Orangutan knitting pattern .Oscar is worked flat in any dk yarn on 3 mm needles. He stands at 35 cm high when made up and the knitting pattern provides full details to make either a jointed version with moving head,arms and legs or as a slightly simpler non-jointed version as shown here. You can buy this knitting pattern as an immediate pdf download.