What’s going on in madmonkeyworld?

Life has been chaotic here in Madmonkeyworld recently due to all the new monkey arrivals.
First Chesney chimpanzee turned up.He just loves playing in my tree.
Then Cilla the Ugly Baby Gorilla was born. I did not have a cot so used the cat basket and for the first few days my cat Blacky was convinced that she had given birth to cilla and so looked after her for me.

Since then Fizz and Fuzz the identical twin baby orangutans have moved in.

And now there’s Gilbert and Baby George the golden monkeys.

I don’t have the heart to turn any of them away so I seem to be running a madmonkey sanctuary right now.

I used to love creeping up the stairs to the bedroom at the top of my tree but now I’m lucky if there’s any room at all left in my bed.

Bathtime is no longer the peaceful experience it used to be.

I’ve told all of these monkeys that they will have to do some work for me to earn their keep as my banana bill has gone sky high.
Cilla kindly agreed to help model my new range of baby clothes knitting patterns but she is so ugly she seems to be frightening customers away.

Chesney also agreed to model the new baby clothes as he is approximately the size of a one year old human baby.
Unfortunately he’s eaten so many bananas since his arrival he now really has to squeeze his way in and its not really a good look.
I’m having terrible trouble identifying Fizz from Fuzz but they spend so much time together even their mannerisms are exactly the same. I’m thinking of making them different coloured beanie hats so that I can tell which is which.

Gilbert and George have been helping out with the cooking. Due to their chinese origins they make the best sweet and sour bananas in Poole!

I took Fizz and Fuzz out to the park yesterday and they caused quite a stir.They do not yet understand the principle of taking a turn and once they got on a swing they stayed on forever leaving human babies and children crying everywhere.

A new pair of dinosaurs have also turned up, Tina Tyrannosaurus and her baby Tyrone. Can you imagine how many bananas they get through in a day!

Yes life’s been even madder than usual over the last few weeks but I would not be without any of my new friends and knitting patterns of them all are currently for sale.